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- Canginate- is a clothing brand specially created for Little People. It aims to provide ready-to-wear clothes designed to fit your proportions and enhance your unique beauty. The brand stands for high-quality clothes made of natural fabrics for your utmost comfort.    

A little story of the - Cangiante - sewing pattern.

If a piece of clothes does not fit, it generally means that something is wrong with the measurements! It is an art in itself to create the perfect body measurements table that is right for each size. No right body measurements table - no good pattern!


At - Cangiante - we paid particular attention at getting the basics right. That is why the body measurements have been thoroughly calculated and tested to make the final result as close to your body proportions as possible. 


With clothes from - Cangiante- you can be sure of finding a new piece of wardrobe that is conceived for your proportions, takes in consideration your specific challenges when it comes to clothes (larger openings, convenient closures) and offers you the best comfort thanks to its natural fabrics. 

Simply enjoy clothes that have been designed for you! 

Natalia from - Cangiante - 

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